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Bonchon featured starter:

Salmon Avocado Ball

A mix of avocado, crab meat, cucumber, and fish roe wrapped in seared fresh salmon, topped with spicy mayo, unagi sauce and crunchy tempura bits.

Signature Fried Chicken

Our chicken menu offers two trademark Korean-influenced flavors
Soy Garlic: An experience with the savory, flavors of soybeans and garlic
Spicy: A bolder taste, inspired by the power of fiery Korean peppers

Best of New York

The Absolute Best Chicken Wings in New York

By Hannah Goldfield, January 25, 2017 - Grubstreet.com

Our Story

Amazing experiences make for unforgettable moments. Every handcrafted piece of Bonchon chicken starts your experience. Each bite makes you want to shout from the rooftops and tell the world about the amazing sights, smells, sounds and tastes you are experiencing. Your sticky fingers race across your phone to take a photo and share it with the world. And then your Bonchon experience begins again as you bring in your best friends and your most trusted family to try a taste sensation like no other. Because it’s not just fried chicken, it’s Bonchon!

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